Maps of Okinawa, Japan, of East Asia & of Military Bases

Map showing Epicenter of Japan Earthquake and Resulting Tsunami

additional earthquake and tsunami photos, video, and news here…

From Reuters: Japan Earthquake Toll & Epicenter

Epicenter located approximately 231 miles northeast of Tokyo, Japan


Map Showing Relationship to China, North Korea, and Rest of World (map from Nations Online Project)

Map of East Asia, China, India, Pacific Ocean & Indian Ocean

Okinawa Japan: Map of cities, towns, roads

Map of Okinawa Japan (island)

Radar Image Map of Typhoon Man-Yi (11-12 Jul 2007); eye passed just 25 miles West of Okinawa

radar image map of typhoon man-yi near Okinawa & Taiwan

Okinawa Japan: Map of US Military Bases

Map of US military bases and installations on Okinawa, Japan

USMC bases on the island of Okinawa, Japan

USMC bases on the island of Okinawa, Japan

Okuma Beach & Outdoor Recreation Center

Okuma Beach and Outdoor Recreation Center (AFRC map)

Torii Beach Map

USMC - map of Torii Beach, Okinawa Japan (near Kadena AB)