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Diving at Maeda Point




Welcome to Okinawa, Japan


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Japan Earthquake, Tsunami, & Nuclear Plants Radiation Emergency


Welcome to Okinawa, a small tropical (and humid) island paradise!  Okinawa has beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and crystal blue, postcard-picture waters.  Tune in here for Okinawa Japan updates - from outdoor recreation and entertainment ideas to ideas for date night with your spouse or significant other.

We hope you enjoy your stay, the beautiful weather, and the unique culture.  

If we can help you in any way as you PCS/move to Japan, or as you enjoy the great outdoors, watersports, & recreation that Okinawa has to offer, please let us know


WATERSPOUT (Tornado) spotted off Yomitan coast in Okinawa Japan


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Newcomer's Guides
What you need to know BEFORE you move
What you need to know AFTER arriving
Okinawa maps & orientation

Information on housing, cars, pets, wireless internet, & restaurant reviews
More pictures & slideshows of Okinawa

  Outdoor Recreation
The best Okinawa beaches and outdoor recreation centers
Diving & Snorkeling in Okinawa
Children's Parks & Playgrounds

Rockclimbing and geocaching
Travel & Daytrips
Running & Triathlons

  Where Do I Find
A Job (MCCS, Kadena 18th Services, AAFES. teaching, Government Service (GS) & more)
A Shopping Bargain (100 yen, thrift stores, bazaars, flea markets)
Unique Gifts
 (Gift Corners)

A good fish or farmer's market
Alternatives to the base CDC (homecare and preschools)
Schools & education
Restaurant reviews

  Did You Know?
Tips & Tidbits on getting the most out of your time/tour in Okinawa
  Weather updates
Weather updates including:
  • Weather radar (current rainfall, Doppler radar)
  • Satellite shots
  • Typhoon tracking
  • 5-day forecasts for Okinawa, including Kadena, Naha, Camp Foster and closest destinations of Korea, Guam, Philippines, & mainland Japan
    Picture & Photograph Slideshows
Did you enjoy the slideshow at the top right of this page?  Check out even larger picture slideshows of Okinawa here.


    What's New
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Your reviews are what make this website more useful for helping other military members and DoD employees choose where to eat eat, relax, and explore this wonderful island of Okinawa   So if you have a picture, idea, or review to add, please send it along.  We'd love to incorporate it in our webpage .  Write a review or just contact us via email.